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The Liquor Locker / Wine Trunk

The repurposed carpenters tool box and Singer Sewing Table Base.

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This week has been full of exciting projects as a result of a week off and too much picking.  My favorite treasure is the “liquor locker” or “wine trunk”.  This super cool repurposed, reclaimed treasure is a combination of an old carpenters tool box that my mom donated to my insatiable collection of abandoned yet still clearly functional items and a Singer cast iron sewing table base that I picked up at an estate sale in “Burnipuland” (Burnips) Michigan.

The first thing that I did was poor myself a drink, and then I proceeded to dust off and measure the interior of the box…which is when I realized…this vodka bottle would fit great in this box…so too would these wine bottles!  I’d had an epiphany!  Thank you Stoli!

In any case, I then picked out a couple of reclaimed boards from the pile of wood next to the garage, borrowed myself a couple of hole drill bits and then proceeded to create the magic.  Now, if you are thinking you’d like to duplicate this project and have never used a hole drill bit, I would recommend a smooth, soft wood.  The board I chose for the larger holes was a very hard wood board that had been removed from an industrial machine pallet – it was rough sawn and very difficult to drill through and the task was not completed without injury (non life threatening, but it still stings).  After cutting the holes and fitting the inserts into the toolbox, I took to further cleaning up the box and adding a couple of layers of clear lacquer – this really brought out the beauty and patina of  the wood!  the Final step was to simply screw the box to the base and voila!  I now have a gorgeous upcycled liquor locker/wine trunk!

On a side note, this is not intended as a DIY or instruction and any disclaimer issued by me is subject to change as necessary and without notice.  Happy Making!